Comprehensive Hard Floor Cleaning by Pady Cleaners Paddington

Using the latest products and techniques ensures minimum disruption and maximum benefits when our professional hard floor cleaning professionals come to call! We’ll restore the most heavily soiled surfaces to a like-new condition in just one visit. For tiles, slate, wood, and limestone – to name only some of the materials we can clean – our revolutionary methods and modern equipment deliver stunning results.

Certified Hard Floor Cleaners

Your hard floor cleaners have years of industry experience and will follow specific guidelines to ensure your flooring is carefully cleaned. After an initial assessment and patch testing the appropriate cleaning method will be chosen from approved solutions for non-woods, and drive pad techniques for wooden floors. Any flooring needs to be vacuumed before cleaning can begin, so if you could clear the area that would be a real help. The final stages include rinsing, drying, and an application of wax, polish, or sealant determined by the surface.

You’ll Get Experts from Pady Cleaners Paddington

Pady Cleaners Paddington will send you a specialist able to clean flooring in both domestic and commercial settings. Each technician is fully vetted, trained, and certified to guarantee your floor benefits from:

  • An increased life span: our floor cleaning protects the floor and improves its appearance
  • An improved slip resistance: your health and safety is always a priority
  • A stain-free finish: any blemishes and spots will be removed
  • A lustre-restored and resilient floor: making future cleaning and maintenance easy

Our Hard Floor Cleaning Team Is Ready!

As soon as you need our hard floor cleaning services give us a call anytime on 020 3404 0363. Tell your friendly customer care adviser about the kind of floor, the size of area, its condition, and what you want, and we’ll do the rest!