Call Pady Cleaners Paddington for Reliable Window Cleaning Services

Your window cleaning service will be provided by a fully trained, smartly uniformed, properly equipped professional! What more could you want? We’ll fit in easily with your daily schedule, and if you can’t be in we’ll happily arrange a key pick-up and delivery option for you. Our non-invasive modern water-fed pole cleaning methods for your external windows are swift and thorough, and our traditional squeegee cleans for your interior panes are readily available.

What Our Glass Cleaning Experts Will Do

Our glass cleaning service is suitable for all types of windows in all types of properties! We only use purified water on your windows, as this naturally attracts and binds with the dirt in order to make removing it simple, gradually building up a protective coat on your glass over time. Due to the pole’s extension ability we can easily reach up to the fourth floor of any building without the need for ladders or scaffolding. Wiping of all frames and sills is included in your service, resulting in a truly comprehensive clean.

Professional Services from Pady Cleaners Paddington

You’ll get a highly trained technician with full insurance protection sent by Pady Cleaners Paddington. You’ll also benefit from all of the following:

  • Certified cleaners: all with British Window Cleaning Academy qualifications
  • Weekend appointments: Bank Holidays too
  • 24/7 customer care: call to book whenever it’s convenient

Book A Regular Window Cleaning Service

It’ll take you no longer than five minutes to call 020 3404 0363 and set up your window cleaning appointment. We’ll get a professional cleaner sent to you right away – why not book us on a regular basis to ensure your windows stay clear and streak-free?